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Shred Fat, Drop Your Vices and Skyrocket Your Self Confidence With The World's #1 Fat Shred and Mindset Coach

Master the same mindset and 3 nutritional rules that I used to shred 87lbs, become disciplined and turn my life around

"I feel Confident Again"


"I Look Better Than When I Was A College Track Athlete"

"I Was Not Feeling Confident In Who I Was"


Now I Know Exactly WHO I Am and What My PURPOSE Is


"I Had My Regular Visit With My Oncologist and I Was Flagged Due To "A Lot Of Weight Loss"😂


"I Feel Like Myself Again!"


Meet Your #1 Fat Shred Coach

Steve Hochman

I discovered 3 nutritional rules and a mindset method that made lose 87lbs, drop my vices and become the person I always wanted to be.

I know how bad I felt before, and how good it feels now, and I’ve helped over 1000 coaching clients discover the same.

If I could do it, you can too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Join The Program? Train In A Gym?

Some of my coaching clients have gym memberships, others workout at home. Either way, I will create the most effective and efficient customized fat shred workout for you.

How Soon Will I Start Losing Weight?

Most of my clients can see a difference in the first two weeks, some take longer. The best part is that “The 3” nutrition program does not starve people or restrict calories. It’s not necessary when you master my three rules.

What Will I Learn During The Program?

I will show you how to drop the vices and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, and

how to habitually create a lifestyle through nutrition and fitness that will turn you into the

confident person that you admire.

Can I Still Eat Out

Yes of course this can be factored into your plan.

Do I Have To Weigh My Food?

No, my three rules eliminates the need to weigh your food and count calories. When you master “The Three” you can break free from the un-maintainable

lifestyle that everyone else is trying to

So I Need To Restrict My Calories & Starve Myself?

No, out of over 1000 transformations, I’ve only had to adjust calories a handful of times. When you apply my three

rules, you body becomes a fat shredding machine and it’s pretty difficult to overeat.